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After many months of wearing boots all day, it’s almost time to kick off your shoes and slip into something more comfortable — sandals! But before you slip your feet into just any pair of sandals, you should stop to consider what wearing the wrong type might do to your feet.

Interestingly, podiatrists have a lot to say about our summer shoe choices. Whether you’re taking sunset strolls at the beach or running errands, your choice of a suitable pair of sandals could leave your feet feeling great - or not. 

So, let’s dive into what types of sandals podiatrists recommend so your feet can thank you for making the right choices this summer! 

The Roast

  • Adequate arch support, cushioning, toe protection, and sustainable and durable materials are the top podiatrist criteria for choosing the right sandals for summers 
  • Orthotic, water-friendly, and activity-specific sandals are the perfect types of sandals to wear during summer 
  • Maxi, mini, wrap, and slip-on dresses are great options to style with sandals for summer outings 
  • Keep your feet healthy this summer by cleaning and moisturizing them to prevent dryness.     
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Features to Consider When Shopping for Sandals This Summer

Choosing the right sandals this summer is more than just picking a stylish or colorful pair — especially if you want to keep your feet happy. Let’s check out some tips from podiatrists for picking the best sandals during the warmer months:

  • Awesome Arch Support:

Ever felt uncomfortable while wearing sandals, even when they are the right size? There are so many features to look out for when choosing the right pair for the summer. Sandals with the right arch supports aren’t just about comfort; they promote overall foot health and distribute your body weight more evenly across your feet. This reduces the strain on your heels and helps you move around even more easily. 

So, if you want to keep your feet healthy and enjoy more comfort this summer, look out for sandals with the right arch support! 

  • Great Cushioning:

Ever imagined walking on a soft, cushioned surface that fits perfectly into the sole of your feet? That’s exactly what luxury sandals with cushioned insoles offer. 

The cushioning in sandals reduces the foot fatigue that comes with standing and walking on long days. They also relieve the stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and even your back, so you don’t experience any form of discomfort.

  • Adjustable Straps and Customization:

While we generally don't have anything against wearing fixed-sized sandals, they might be too tight or too loose for you sometimes. In such cases, you may experience blisters and other discomfort that make walking a chore. 

But that’s where sandals with adjustable straps, such as the Olucco Crossover sandal come in. You can modify the straps to fit perfectly based on your foot size and how tight or loose you want them to be.

More so, the right fit from adjustable straps ensures your feet align properly within the sandals. This way,  you enjoy the best support and stability when you move. 

  • Toe Protection:

Stubbing your toe can kill the fun of your summer adventures. So, wearing sandals with extra toe protection is crucial.

Closed-toe sandals completely enclose the front of the foot, protecting your toes from bumping against rocks, roots, or other hard surfaces. So, this type of sandal will come in handy when exploring this summer.

  • Materials and Breathability:

When it comes to choosing the perfect summer sandals, materials and breathability are a big deal. A pair of sandals with the right material will last for a long time, meaning you won’t deal with broken straps and soles during the season.

Your feet sweat more during summer, so breathable materials like leather allow air to circulate around them. This way, you won’t have sweaty feet, and you can go about your day comfortably.  They also reduce unpleasant odors and skin irritation by preventing sweat buildup on your feet.

  • Heel Height and Stability:

For your comfort during summer, opt for sandals with suitable heel height and stability. Our best choices are low-to-flat-heeled sandals and sandals with adjustable straps. 

Low-to-flat heels sandals evenly distribute body weight, reducing pressure on your feet.  On the other hand, adjustable straps keep the foot in place and allow you to customize the fitting to your preference.

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The Best Types of Sandals to Wear This Summer

The transition from spring sneakers to summer sandals can come with a lot of decision-making and choices. But before then, you should pause and ask, “What types of sandals do podiatrists recommend?” so you can make the best decisions. 

Here are the types of sandals to consider based on podiatrists' recommendations:

  • Orthotic-Friendly Sandals:

Orthotic-friendly sandals are essential for keeping your feet happy and healthy all summer long. They let you pop in your own orthotic inserts that are tailored just for your feet. So, not only are they custom-made for comfort, but they fit your feet like gloves. 

Typically, orthotic-friendly sandals have: 

  • Removable Insoles

This allows you to replace the existing insole with a custom orthotic insert that suits your specific foot needs. They also come with additional depth to accommodate the extra volume of your desired orthotic insert, so the sandals are not uncomfortable. 

  • Adjustable Straps

Many orthotic sandals come with adjustable foot straps that secure the sandals to the foot, preventing them from slipping. The straps are often at the front and at the back for extra stability. 

These features make orthotic sandals highly customizable, comfortable, and stylish. So, you don’t have to sacrifice any of these qualities when wearing your sandals this summer.

  • Water-friendly and Activity Specific Sandals:

If you’re planning on doing more than just staying at home this summer, these types of sandals are a must-have. Opting for sandals that are suitable for whatever action-packed plans you have will help you start the summer with your best foot forward. 

So, go for sandals made from materials that dry quickly and won’t be ruined by water. This way, you can move from pools to beaches without worrying about soggy shoes.

Also, if you plan to hike or run, choose sandals that are built specifically for these purposes. They’ll come with added cushioning and tougher soles for better traction. Other examples of action-specific sandals are sports and beach sandals.

5 Dresses to Wear With Sandals This Summer

Moving from wondering about what shoes to wear in spring to styling your beautiful pair of sandals doesn’t have to be stressful.  

Whether you want to match colors for a unified vibe or use a pop of contrast, combining the right dress with a pair of sandals will make you a showstopper. 

Let’s check out some of the dress options you can try with your sandals this summer: 

  • Maxi Dresses:

Maxi dresses are a fabulous mix of comfort and style. You’ll turn heads effortlessly when you pair them with the right pair of sandals. 

Imagine yourself in a breezy, flowy maxi dress and simple strappy sandals as you walk on the beach or have picnics with friends this summer. 

Looks good? That’s exactly the look you’ll get with a maxi dress and  sandals—effortless, relaxed, and beautiful! 

  • Mini Dresses:

Mini dresses are versatile and fun for a warm day out, especially when paired with sandals. So, combine them with flat sandals for a playful look. You can also opt for a breathable and color print to fully embody that playful vibe. 

  • Shirt Dresses:

Shirt dresses can be styled with sandals for a casual or get-ready-for-work vibe. So, pair them with sports sandals for a casual look. You may also style a belted shirt dress with fashionable sandals for a smart but summer-ready look!

  • Wrap Dresses:

Keep things sweet and lovely with a floral wrap dress and a pair of flat sandals with straps. Choose a sandal that complements the same color scheme as your dress, and accessorize with a sun hat and sunglasses as you visit the beach. 

  • Slip Dresses:

Slip dresses are great options for lunch and date nights. You can pair them with flat sandals for an effortless yet chic look. 

Foot Health Tips to Consider This Summer

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you get your feet ready for summer: 

  • Opt for Comfortable Footwear:

Wearing comfy shoes prevents blisters, foot pain, and other forms of discomfort. So, prioritize shoes that offer adequate arch support and cushioning. In addition, go for footwear with breathable materials like leather to allow proper airflow. 

  • Protect Your Foot at Pools and Beaches

If you plan to visit pools and beaches this summer, wear water-friendly sandals that don’t soak in water. This way, you can avoid wearing wet footwear for long, reducing the risk of contracting fungal nail and skin infections. 

Even if you won’t visit the pools and beaches, it’s essential to keep your feet clean and dry because you may be prone to excessive sweating during summer. So, clean your feet with mild soap and lukewarm water and dry them thoroughly every day. 

  • Exfoliate and Moisturise:

Clean and glowing feet will surely look good in sandals. So, exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh. Lastly, moisturize your foot with a foot cream or lotion so it looks supple all day long! 

Step Into Summer in Comfort and Style With Black Tulip

So, what types of sandals do podiatrists recommend? We trust that you can now answer this question with confidence.

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As you gear up for your summer adventures, an essential companion you need on your feet is comfortable sandals to walk you through summer. At Black Tulip, we know this, so we’ve designed sandals that do not only offer style but premium comfort to take you wherever you want to go.  

All sandals and other types of footwear are ethically sourced and crafted with natural, premium-quality materials for comfort and durability. From flat sandals with adjustable straps to mule sandals, we have the perfect footwear options to launch the summer in comfort and style! Visit our website to shop now and explore our educational resources and foot health tips.