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Out with the old, in with the new; it's springtime at long last, ladies! Finally, we’ve kissed goodbye to the cold months that kept us all dolled up in layers upon layers of clothing. We now say a hearty welcome to the era of blooming flowers, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. Hurray!

We can't help but express our appreciation for the sense of freedom this new season brings. For many, this means exploring new destinations, taking walks in nature, decluttering, deep cleaning, etc. But for us fashionistas, we know that the best way to showcase the freshness and vibrancy of springtime is through our shoes. 

Spring shoes should encapsulate everything that the season means to us. So, if it's not comfy, versatile, bright, and catchy, count us out. To ensure we're all on the same page, we've compiled a list of the top spring shoe trends every sharp dresser should be rocking in 2024. 

The Roast

  • Sneakers, loafers, ankle boots, ballet flats, and platforms are all the rave this Spring
  • Stick with pointed or rounded-toe heels or flats to get into the 2024 trends 
  • Bright-colored shoes are the go-to styles this spring, and so are neutrals, whites, metallics, and pastels  

Top 5 Shoes to Wear in Spring

While springtime gives you the freedom to choose, mix, and match your outfits, some shoe options stand out from the rest. If you're looking to slay this Spring, it's a wise idea to know what shoes are all the rave. Then, you can personalize your favorites to make a bold fashion statement that keeps your eyes locked in.

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If this sounds like something you've been hoping to achieve, you'll love our top picks:

  • 1. Trainers

Trainers are a staple every springtime because they are perfect for the outdoor activities that are common in this season. They offer premium versatility, comfort, and style, allowing you to get the most out of your casual ensembles. If you're looking for a timeless and comfortable option for casual and casual-smart outfits, a pair of women's trainers is the perfect addition to your collection this spring.

  • 2. Loafers

Dear corporate girlies, this one's for you. Are you thinking of the best shoes to wear to the office this spring? Then you need something smart, professional, and comfortable to compliment your formal attire. In that case, think no further than a pair of exquisite structured women's loafers.

However, while loafers are every formal outfit's best friend, they also serve as amazing companions for casual wear. They're so versatile that they can be used to dress any look up or down. Suitable for any style or occasion, loafers are the wisest choice for when you want to slay every day on a budget this spring. From tailored trousers to jeans, dresses, skirts — practically anything — loafers have only one message for you: “I've got your back.”

  • 3. Ankle Boots

Is it ok to wear boots in Spring? We're here to clear your doubts if you’ve ever had this concern. The answer to your question is an emphatic yes, and we're gracious enough to tell you why.

First of all, spring weather can be unpredictable. So, there are times when the ankle boots you reserved for winter may come in handy in springtime. Truth be told, wearing boots may seem counterintuitive to the carefree theme you have in mind. The good news, however, is that you can remain stylish and comfortable if you learn to choose the right ones for your outfits. 

We generally recommend Chelsea boots and Etesian ankle boots for springtime because of their versatility and practicality. Regardless of the springtime look you wish to pull off, these comfy shoe choices are always ready to add that extra oomph.

  • 4. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats may seem low-key, but they’re as feminine as they're functional. So, if you want to look alluring without doing too much this spring, a ballet flat is the right step in the right direction. Even if you can't dance, waltzing about in these pairs of goodness exudes grace and elegance, giving you the aura of a ballerina.

The beauty of ballet flats is that you can switch them up or down to suit every outfit or preference. Ballet flats pair seamlessly with dresses for a refined look while also doing justice to casual jeans. Choose ballet flats with crystal embellishments if you want to be a bit more dramatic for an evening outing.

  • 5. Platform Heels

We believe that platforms should be the official synonym for pizzazz in the fashion industry. They make the perfect statement pieces for ladies who want to go through spring drawing the right kind of attention. Perfect for transitional temperatures, platforms are one of the best choices for leveling up your look in Spring.

What Toe Shape is in Style 2024?

When it comes to shoe structure and design, one thing is certain—rounded and pointed-toe shapes are having their moment this spring. On the other hand, we're slowly bidding farewell to the square-toed heels that have ruled the fashion world since 2021. This is not to say they won't make a comeback in the coming years. However, if you want to slay a modern look this year, it's time to put your rounded and pointed-toe shoes to work.

What's the Best Shoe Color for Springs?

Generally, you should rock shoe colors based on your outfit, mood, and personal style. However, if you're on the lookout for trendy colors this Spring, here you have them:

  • White

“Can you wear white shoes in Spring?” If only we had a dollar for every time we got this question. We get your concerns, though—white shoes are often seen as reserved for summer or the hot months. But this is a misconception, and white shoes can be great all year long, depending on how you style them. 

White shoes are particularly amazing choices for springtime because of their versatility and classiness. This color goes well with this season's theme, giving you the freedom to be chic, elegant, cool, vibrant — or any other thing you wish to be. 

  • Brights

There's no better opportunity to go bold and explore bright shoe colors than the one the Spring season offers. For a pop of color, go for bright orange, sunshine yellow, hot pink, and similar hues. These hues are popular for spring because they perfectly reflect the rejuvenation the season is all about. They also have a unique way of adding visual interest to otherwise boring outfits.

  • Earth Tones

Earthy hues will always feature in every fashion trend because they're as timeless as nature itself. Whether you stick with olive green, tan, or beige, they offer a smooth shift from Winter’s darker colors to Spring’s brighter shades. Wear your earth tones to provide a beautiful balance to your flowery dresses. The result is always electrifying.

  • Pastels

Enchanting. Soft. Soothing. These are the three words that best describe pastel colors for us. If you don't fancy bright and bold colors but still want to align with the season's theme, pastels are your go-to. From baby blue to lavender, mint green, blush pink, etc., you can remain subtle while also announcing your presence in grand style. We don't know how pastels perform this magic, but they do! 

  • Metallics

Gold, rose gold, and silver will grace this year's spring trends, and we couldn't have wished otherwise. More than just being the trend, metallics add real value to your overall outlook, ensuring that you look glamorous in any outfit. If you're a sucker for nice jewelry and accessories, you should invest in these colors this spring.

Can You Wear Leather Shoes in Springs?

Yes. Generally, leather shoes are best suited for chilly temperatures like winter or autumn. But since spring is a transitional weather, the rules can be tweaked a little to accommodate leather footwear at this time.

Rock your leather shoes on a cool spring day for a perfect mix of practicality and sophistication. To be on the safe side, ensure that your spring leather shoes are in muted tones, and you're good to go!

What is Toe Spring in Footwear?

You'll notice that some shoes are slightly curved or angled upwards at the toe area; this is called a toe spring. Toe springs are intentionally designed to ensure easy movement by matching the shoe’s design to the foot's natural rolling motion. Besides reducing the strain on the foot, they also promote a more graceful gait. 

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