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With just a few more weeks to Wimbledon 2024, we can feel all the excitement and tension in the air! Feeling a bit lost when you think about what to wear to Wimbledon 2024? You’re not alone! You have probably planned a fun-filled itinerary that involves watching world-class tennis, and the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your outfit hits the mark. We get it—finding the right outfit can get a bit tricky. 

Trust that you are in good hands, as this article is here to guide you every step of the way. So, if you’re wondering whether those chic sandals are a great idea or if that dress will be a good fit, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive into some practical, stylish options, so you don’t only look great but also feel fantastic as you head to Wimbledon this year! 

The Roast

  • You can wear anything you consider smart and comfortable to Wimbledon 2024, but avoid overly casual shorts or ripped jeans 
  • Sandals, mules, wedges, and trainers are great options for Wimbledon because they are comfy and stylish 
  • White, colorful dresses, jumpsuits, and tailored shorts are excellent outfit ideas for Wimbledon 2024; remember to opt for breathable materials to stay cool in the weather

Is There A Dress Code to Attend Wimbledon?

 The good news is that there isn’t a strict dress code for spectators. Just dress “smart casual,” and you’re good to go. Yet, while it’s all about looking smart and comfortable, it is probably a good idea to avoid ripped jeans, graphic T-shirts, and very casual shorts. Instead, think of it like dressing for a summer party, and go for light summer dresses, tailored trousers, and comfortable shoes! 

You could also consider wearing a stylish hat or chic sunglasses to add a touch of flair to your outfit while keeping the sun out of your eyes. And don’t forget to prepare for the unpredictable weather—it can be hot one minute, and start raining the next! So, bringing a light raincoat or a small umbrella is always a smart move.

What Are People Wearing to Wimbledon?

Chances are that people will be wearing a fantastic mix of stylish and comfortable outfits. You’ll find women in light summery dresses with floral patterns. Tailored pants and button-down blouses, paired with sunglasses and hats, are also a hit! To complete the look, comfy, stylish options like wedges and sandals are a crowd favorite. 

One thing to note is that light fabrics like linen and cotton are more common because they are breathable and keep spectators cool under the summer sun. You can always throw on a lightweight jacket if it gets chilly.

What Shoes Should I Wear at Wimbledon 2024?

Keeping up with the tenniscore trend this summer isn’t just about being stylish, it’s about comfort too. That’s why choosing the right shoes for Wimbledon 2024 is super important for enjoying your day to the fullest!  With all the walking around and standing, you need footwear that’s stylish and comfy. Let’s explore some options below:
  • Sandals 

Women’s sandals are excellent options for Wimbledon because they are comfortable and easy to style. You’ll love how they let your feet breathe while you move about. Plus, they’re super versatile and can be paired with various outfits. 

For example, these Olluco Crossover Sandal-Natural Tan are the type of sandals podiatrists recommend. They provide adequate arch support and toe cushioning that keeps you comfortable all day. You can also match your favorite outfit with this Olluco Crossover Sandal in Botanical Green. No matter the sandals you choose, the right pair will keep you feeling at ease throughout the event! 

  • Mules 

    Mules are great choices for Wimbledon because they offer comfort, style, and chic in one package. You’ll appreciate how easy they are to slip on and off, making them perfect for the big day! If you want a relaxed yet sophisticated look, pair this Mavhu Mule - Caramel Shortbread  mules with tailored trousers and light blouse! 

    You can also style a lovely breezy summer dress with this Mavhu Mule— Cinnamon mule or match it with a Mavhu Mule-Black mule. They give you the comfort and convenience to enjoy your Wimbledon experience without trying. So, get ready to slip a pair of mules and step out in style for the event!

    • Trainers 

      If you’ve ever asked “are white trainers still trendy?,” the answer to that is a big yes! Although they’ve been in existence for a long time, trainers are always in style. So, if you’re heading to Wimbledon and want to appear stylish, they could be your best bet at looking effortlessly trendy.  

      • Ankle Boots

      If you want to add a bit of edge to your outfit while staying comfy, ankle boots are a great pick. They go with various looks, from dresses to shirts and even tailored pants. 

      Ankle boots provide support and coverage, especially if the weather turns cooler. For a chic and edgy effect, opt for this Farro Flat Chelsea or Etesian Western boot.  You can learn how to break in new ankle boots painlessly like a pro to rock them comfortably at this year’s event!

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      Do Shoes Have to Be White at Wimbledon? 

      No, your shoes don’t have to be all white at Wimbledon. While the players have to stick to an all-white dress code, you get to have all the fun with your footwear options. So, whether it’s bright or neutral trainers, sandals, or wedges, feel free to wear any footwear that makes you feel fabulous! 

      What Clothes Can You Wear for Wimbledon 2024? 

      If you’re unsure what to wear at Wimbledon 2024, we’ve got you covered. Here are some outfit options that are perfect for the occasion:

      • A Classic White Dress

      If you want to stand out with a pop of color, a bright-colored dress is a fantastic idea. Think floral patterns or bold prints, and you’re all set. Color is always a great way to reflect a warm and cheerful personality. So, if you’re looking to express yourself with an outfit, then a colorful dress it is!

      • Jumpsuit

      A jumpsuit might just be what you need to appear trendy and elegant. However, make sure to opt for a light, breathable material to stay cool in the hot summer sun. You can pair it with some stylish sandals or wedges. Just remember to keep things comfortable so you can move around conveniently. 

      • Blazer and Trousers Combo 

      You may consider pairing a blazer with trousers for a more polished combo. This ensemble is ideal if you want to look more formal. Also, consider choosing lightweight fabrics to stay more comfortable under the weather. You can complete the look with some stylish mules or sandals! 

      • Blouse with Jeans

      A pretty blouse with jeans is a perfect choice if you want a relaxed or casual look. You can go for flowy, light blouses and pair them with well-fitted jeans. With this look, you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable and stylish without feeling too dressed.

      • Chinos and Shirts 

      The great thing about chinos is that they can be dressed up or down. You can style them with a blouse or even a crisp button-down shirt. If you’re in the mood to look dressy, throw in a lightweight jacket or blazer. Finally, pair them with trainers for a sporty and classy look. 

      • Tailored Shorts 

      Tailored shorts are great options for Wimbledon because they aren’t too casual. You can pair them with a pretty top or a lightweight shirt for the hot weather. Comfortable trainers and sandals will certainly complete the look. But remember to avoid very casual shorts as they don’t particularly suit the occasion. 

      Accessories to Wear to Wimbledon 

      Ladies wear accessories at tennis events to complement their outfits and reveal their style. Here are some ideas to try:

      • Hats 

        Hats add a touch of elegance to your outfit and protect you from the sun. They keep you cool and stylish, so they’re the right accessory for the occasion! 

        • Lightweight Scarves 

        Lightweight scarves keep you looking sophisticated and elegant. They are also very practical, as you can wrap them around your body if it ever gets chilly. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or silk. You can drape them over your shoulders or even wrap them around your neck. 

        • Sunglasses 

          If you want to look polished,  sunglasses simply do the trick. Plus, they protect your eyes from the sun. Remember to choose a pair that complements your face shape and outfit. 

          • Jewelry 

            A simple necklace, dainty bracelet, and earrings are great jewelry options. Avoid going overboard with them and opt for pieces that simply add a touch of elegance to your outfit. 

            Step into Wimbledon in Style! 

            No matter what you decide to wear to Wimbledon, know that comfort is key. And we aren’t just talking about clothes—your shoes matter too.  You’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet, so it’s best to opt for footwear that lets your feet breathe.

            If you are still wondering what to wear to tennis 2024, visit our website at Black Tulip. We’re a sustainable shoe brand producing comfortable, eco-friendly footwear in various styles. From sandals to wedges and trainers, you’ll find an option that matches your vibe. Explore our collections now and choose the perfect pair for Wimbledon this year!