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As we begin to enter longer, brighter, and warmer days, there are so many things to look forward to. The summer is home to a plethora of sporting events with one of the most prestigious in the UK being Wimbledon. In 2023, the attendance at Wimbledon reached over 530 thousand, roughly 17 thousand more than 2022 1. Attracting a range of people from a whole host of backgrounds but with one thing in common – dressing the part.

From the traditional purple and green colour palette and all-white player attire, the event is the most perfect opportunity to dress up and attend in style. Read on to find out more about how to keep up with this year’s tenniscore trend and the shoes you need in your wardrobe for this season and beyond.

The Roast

  • Tenniscore is a fashion trend inspired by the sporty, preppy aesthetics of tennis apparel.
  • Mix traditional tennis apparel with modern pieces, embrace monochrome or pastel color schemes
  • Focus on pleated skirts, polo shirts, and white sneakers for a classic tenniscore look.


Behind The Tenniscore Trend

Unlike the strict colour dress code among the tennis players, spectators are free to make use of the whole rainbow. From shots of the seas of spectators, many do opt for creams and neutrals over pastels. 2 This year we can expect to see more tennis inspired looks as a result of the increase in popularity around all things tenniscore this year - think white mini summer dresses and pleated A-line skirts.

Google Trends data shows that searches for ‘Tennis Outfit’ spiked 3 directly after the release of the highly anticipated Challenger’s film, with data lacking for the same period of the previous year just showing the stark contrast.

The American sporty drama is directed by Luca Guadagnino and features fashion icon Zendaya, who is leading the way for the tenniscore trend, rocking inspired looks to red-carpet events and movie premieres in support of the new film. Athleticwear sales have been increasing year-over-year across every category: tennis skirts, workout dresses, athletic sunglasses, tennis trainers, with total revenue worldwide estimated to reach $305 billion by 2030 4. Not only that, but tennis dress sales alone have seen a significant year on year increase, worldwide with a staggering 65% increase from April 2023 to April 2024 and in the UK alone, an increase of 30% 5.


Getting Wimbledon Ready

Wimbledon 2024 is just around the corner from Monday 1st July to Sunday 14th July, so there is still time to get styled up and ready for the event of the season.  We know that style is the top of everyone’s priorities, however what if you can have that and comfort? After all, being on your feet all day calls for some respite. 

When it comes to your outfit, the first thing to think of is the unpredictable weather around the event. So, think about dressing for warmer days with your SPF and sunglasses in hand, but also plan to take a light layer if the sun decides to hide away.

Lightweight midi and maxi dresses are the Wimbledon go to, perfectly breathable and boasting true comfort. Or if you’d rather avoid a Marilyn moment 6, opt for jumpsuit or wide leg trousers with a blouse.


Finding Your Perfect Pair

Now what outfit isn’t complete without a fashionable pair of shoes. And, yes, it’s Wimbledon, so you’ll be on your feet and in need of a comfy pair.

Cassava Classic Tennis Trainer

Since its arrival in the early 60s, the tennis shoe has weaved it way through fashion, sports, lifestyle and everywhere in between and it is practically perfect for this season. 7

The Cassava showcases our Corylus twist detail, inspired by entwined slow-growing hazel branches. It’s designed to flatter the ankle with an extended tongue and a sculpted collar and is branded with our oversized vintage denim-inspired patches, tanned with natural vegetable dyes. Stay aligned with the Wimbledon players this season and opt for a vintage off white or add a hint of colour to your look with the botanical pair that give a down to earth and nature inspired feel.

Key Features:

  • LWG-certified ethically sourced leather.
  • Ultra-soft removable insole for all-day wear.
  • Additional padding for extra comfort.
  • Signature Corylus twist inspired by nature.


Arbi Sleek Sneaker

Perhaps you’re looking to add an element of retro to your look this season. The Arbi Sleek Sneaker does just that whilst offering ultimate comfort. Crafted with a retro silhouette and natural materials, the sneaker perfectly complements the light summer looks, aligning with the tenniscore trend.

If you’re looking for a little extra cushioning, lift and a vintage touch, there are colours to suit every tennis inspired outfit from nectar to natural tan.

Key Features:

  • LWG-certified ethically sourced leather.
  • Ultra-soft removable insole for all-day wear.
  • Additional padding for extra comfort.
  • Signature Corylus twist inspired by nature.

Staying on Trend With Black Tulip

The tenniscore trend is combining practicality with style and is here to stay this year. Be Wimbledon ready, work ready, gym ready or prepared for the everyday with this seamless approach to fashion. The trend is weaving itself into every aspect of fashion and with Black Tulip’s approach to designing trainers, you are guaranteed stylish, versatile, and comfortable addition to your summer wardrobe.

We craft truly unique pieces with character that are made with a dedication to the finest details, with the finest sourced quality materials to provide timeless luxury. Take a look at our collection of trainers and find your perfect pair here: https://blacktulipstudio.com/collections/trainers