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Every season sees current trends fade, past fashion trends circle back and new trends emerge, making choosing the right shoe for the season an overwhelming task. Making more conscious choices as a customer and making sure to prioritise sustainability can make staying on top of trends very counter intuitive. Keeping up with trends in a sustainable way whilst also prioritising comfort is not easy. But that’s why Black Tulip is here. We’re ready to guide, provide and style to put a spring in your step this season.

We’ve been keeping one eye on the key trends emerging this Spring and it’s good news for the comfort seekers…flats are back! From mules to sandals to the simple flat trainer, there’s a flat shoe option for every outfit, occasion and preference. It’s time to put away your winter boots and welcome some new flat soled editions to your everyday rotation. Not only that, but a shoe you can take with you through the seasons. 

The Roast

  • Searches for flat footwear such as mules, sandals and flat sneakers go up considerably over spring
  • As the weather changes and we head towards the summer people prioritise comfort over everything else
  • Mules are trending footwear due to their comfort and versatility to be paired with any outfit 
  • Sandals are a age-old wardrobe staple that are practical as we head towards the warmer months
  • Spring/Summer is also the perfect time to ditch the heels and slip into comfortable trainers that are fit for every adventure

The Flat vs The Heel

Across March and April, the interest in flat shoes has been steadily higher than that of high heels1. More people are looking for a comfier alternative to their everyday heel that matches the changeable weather of Spring. Undoubtedly, heels aren’t going anywhere as an all-round fashion favourite, but you’ll be seeing less height and more comfortability this season. 

No need to fret however, you don’t have to compromise to add more comfort - you can have both if you make the right choice. By the end of 2023, Net-A-Porter sales for flat shoes were up by nearly 20% year-on-year2. More people are opting for a shoe that gives you the same elevation without the uncomfortable price that comes with wearing a high heel. 

The Three Must Have Shoes of The Season

Comfort is being prioritised this season and we’re here for it. Although the weather may be changeable and uncertain, one thing’s for sure, we’re ditching the heel and comfortably walking into spring this year. 

The Mule

Combining comfort with fashion can be a challenge, but this spring, the mule is doing that effortlessly. Trends have shown that interest in the mule is picking up as we enter spring summer3. There’s been an influx in the number of celebrities jumping on the trend with female favourites Jennifer Garner and Sarah Jessica Parker creating conversation as they add elevation to their everyday outfits4.

The best thing about the mule? It goes with absolutely everything. Dress down a formal outfit, pair with wide leg trousers and an open shirt or simply slip into a pair with any spring summer skirt or shorts. The simple mule boasts versatility and can easily be carried into your autumn wardrobe for maximum wear. Read more on styling below. 

The Mavhu Classic Mule is the epitome of casual with a padded footbed and crafted leather detailing that creates a simple and classic silhouette.  

The Sandal

When you think sandal, your mind may head to hot summer days, but the sandal is so much more versatile than that. The interest in sandals has decreased over the past year5 and is now following a real increase as we enter spring and approach summer. Everyone wants a go to shoe that can be thrown on with any outfit. 

A contemporary sandal with an added level of practicality is what you should be reaching for this spring. By choosing a sandal with character and comfort, you can easily elevate your capsule wardrobe by putting all eyes on your feet

The Olluco Cross-Over Sandal is the practical yet modern sandal you’ve been looking for this spring. Combining a padded footbed with a secure buckled strap and leather cross over, you’re empowered with confidence to step into whatever the season holds. With options offering the opportunity to inject a splash of colour, these sandals will quickly become your spring staple. 

Olluco Sandal

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Olluco Crossover Sandal

  • LWG-certified ethically sourced leather.
  • Flexible Outsole.
  • Memory foam-padded insole for extra comfort.

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The Trainer

Now if you’re not entirely on board with the flat shoe movement, there is still an option for you that allows for you to stay on trend but not totally ditch familiarity. That option is the trainer – the most diverse of all. With a little added cushioning, the flat soled trainer is a durable staple to add a kick to your spring wardrobe. Going into spring summer, from the start of April, the interest in the flat trainer has risen as everyone is looking for their everyday option6

The Classic Trainer doesn’t have to be boring. With various colour ways, an extended tongue and sculpted collar, the Black Tulip flair has been added to this wardrobe essential to ensure you can stay on trend with an added edge. 

Spring Shoe Styling

Now you have found your perfect flat shoes, it’s time to style them to their full potential. When it comes to Spring, the transitional nature of the season can make outfits a little harder to piece together. With a solid foundation set, the rest out the outfit falls together, and the shoes get their well-deserved moment in the spotlight. 

The Mule

Layers are your best friend throughout Spring and with the right mule, you’re guaranteed comfort with a level of breathability a block heel just couldn’t provide. When it comes to styling, there is limited room for error. Whether you opt for leather, canvas or suede, the mule is a diverse shoe that can be worn for any occasion. 

For ultimate spring layering, style your favourite pair with a striped shirt and wide leg trouser to encourage a fresh spring breeze throughout your look. Easily drape a fine knit jumper over your shoulders on those days with an extra chill, slip into your mules and dash out the door. 

The Sandal

Ditching the heel doesn’t mean that your outfits must feel any less elevated. Keeping with the layering the theme of Spring, this versatile shoe can be worn with a long or cropped trench coat and denim maxi skirt to slowly start bridging the gap between the seasons.

When the sun starts to peak through even more, pair your sandals with denim shorts and an oversized linen shirt. Even better, pick a pair with a pop of colour to really make a statement. Take a look at our statement sandal options here.  

The Trainer

No capsule wardrobe is complete without a high-quality pair of trainers. They offer the perfect combination of comfort and style, making them suitable for any occasion you have lined up this spring. A firm favourite emerging this season is the combination of a structured t-shirt or lightweight knit and maxi skirt. This simple way of styling up an on-trend trainer, is the perfect way to elevate a plainer fit. 

Staying On Trend This Spring With Black Tulip

Comfort being a trend this spring is music to our ears. Spring shoes should encapsulate everything that the season means to us. So, if it's not comfy, versatile, bright, and catchy, count us out. We’re dedicated to crafting luxury collections that can be worn this season and taken with you throughout the rest. 

Our sustainable options of mules, sandals and trainers make finding your Spring wardrobe staples easy. Browse our collections and view the different colourways on our product page here to take the jump and join those ditching the heel this spring.