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If you’ve ever felt like you can’t fit into any of the shoes you actually like because of the size of your feet, then you’re not alone. For women with larger feet width than average, shoe choices involve more than just making a fashion statement. Instead, it’s about striking the right bargain between comfort and limited shoe options. Reaching this compromise could sometimes be quite difficult. 

So, being wide-footed often means making peace with hours of discomfort and several health concerns, no thanks to ill-fitted footwear. We feel you.

The exciting news, however, is that we’ve got effective tips for lessening your footwear woes in no time. If you’ve been wondering how to choose sandals for wide feet, this article was made just for you.

The Roast

  • Choosing the perfect sandals for your wide feet doesn't have to be a hassle if you understand what to look out for 
  • Generally, open-toed sandals with adjustable straps, arch support, and enough cushioning keep you comfortable all day long 
  • Factors to consider when shopping for women’s wide-fitting sandals include your material, shape, and foot type

What Types of Sandals Are Good for Wide Feet?

“How do I choose the right sandals for my feet?” “What types of sandals do podiatrists recommend for my wide feet?” These are two questions that keep wide-footed ladies awake at night.

Having feet that are wider than the average girl’s apparently means that not all types of sandals will make great footwear for you. So, to avoid feeling and looking outward at every event, you need to understand what works best for you. 


Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to ensure that you get the perfect sandals for your wide feet below:

  • Determine Your Foot Type

We are in solidarity with every wide-footed woman out there. However, it's important to remember that not all wide feet were created equal. As such, you still need to understand your unique foot type before choosing the best sandals for you. The best types of sandals for your wide feet are those that fit like a round peg in a round hole.

To understand your foot type, place your wet feet on a piece of paper and take some time to study the imprints. You have flat feet if the imprint reflects the complete foot, but if it shows only a small part of your footprint, you have a high arch. Meanwhile, half-filled middle arches are indicative of a natural foot.

  • Go for Leather or Suede

“Wide feet” and “elastic” are two terms that should always be found together. That’s why leather or suede options will always be your best bet. These materials are elastic and can adapt to your foot’s width/movements with ease. This significantly reduces the likelihood of having footwear that causes you discomfort.

  • Choose Sandals with Thick, Adjustable Straps

Following the tip above, it goes without saying that sandals with adjustable straps will do you a whole world of good. Adjustable straps easily accommodate your foot’s width, ensuring the fit is not too tight or loose. It gets better if the straps are also thick. This makes it less likely for your footwear to slip off your foot and allows for more even pressure distribution.

  • Invest in Open-Sided Style Sandals

While fully closed sandals may be perfect for narrow-footed girlies, do not attempt to go this route if you’ve got wide feet. Instead, try investing in sandals with open sides. Open-sided style sandals are significantly more relaxed and comfortable than other options. They’re particularly beneficial for ladies who suffer from bunions.

  • Prioritize Sandals with Extra Cushioning

We’ve never met a wide-footed woman who couldn’t benefit from wearing extra-cushioned footwear. If you’re lucky enough to find sandals with extra cushioning while shopping, our advice is always to grab them before it’s too late. Sandals with the right cushioning will provide extra support for your soles, absorb shock,  and help to reduce the pressure on your feet. What could feel better?

How to Find The Right Fit for Wide Feet

Finding the perfect fit for your wide feet is crucial if comfort is your priority. You can follow the tips below to ensure that you always purchase sandals that fit just right:

  • Measure Your Feet

There’s no perfect fit without perfect measurement. So, grab your tape measure, pen, and paper already; let’s get to work. To begin, you’ll want to make sure that your feet are flat on the floor. Then, measure across each foot’s ball (your big toe’s base to your little toe’s base) with the tape measure. This gives you the measurement of the widest part of your foot.

  • Test The Sandals on Both Feet

After measuring, the next step is to wear your new footwear on both feet. This is particularly important for ladies who have one foot wider than the other. The goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and the sandals fit perfectly on both feet.

  • Shop in the Afternoon

Your feet don't maintain the same size throughout the day. Instead, they swell in length and width, reaching their maximum size in the afternoon. As such, the best time to shop for sandals is between 2 pm and 4 pm to ensure they fit comfortably from morning to evening.

  • Patronize Reputable Brands

You may not know this, but the quality of your footwear significantly impacts its fit. So, always ensure that you stick with brands that are known for sourcing premium materials, and catering to the needs of wide-footed girlies. For example, Black Tulip’s Olluco Crossover Sandals reflect the culture of excellence the company is known for. From the quality, ethically sourced leather/suede material to the adjustable straps, padded footbeds, etc., it's clear that the brand has wide feet in mind. 

  • Take a Walk

Undertaking a walking test is an important way of determining your sandal’s fit. You don't have to run for too long—just a brisk walk for a few minutes will do.

  • Don’t Forget to Wear Socks

Do you love to wear your footwear with socks? Then you should also take your regular socks with you when testing your new pair of sandals. Otherwise, you'll likely end up with tight and uncomfortable footwear.

Is It Better to Size Up or Down in Sandals?

 There's nothing as satisfying as finding your perfect fit in a pair of sandals. However, if you have no choice, it's better to size up than down. Choose sandals that are between half to one size bigger than your size to accommodate your feet if they expand.

What Shape of Shoe is Best for Wide Feet?

Open-toed sandals are the perfect women’s wide-fitting footwear. Beyond the comfort they offer, they are flexible and breathable. However, more than just purchasing a women's open-toed sandal, your footwear’s unique shape matters.  

We always advise that you avoid pointed or square-toed sandals as much as possible. The reason is simple—they can create the illusion of even wider feet and will unflatteringly draw eyes to the largeness of your feet. Instead, go for almond-shaped or round-toed sandals for the perfect look.

Are Sandals Better for Your Feet Than Flip Flops?The Roast


Sandals and flip-flops are so similar that it's easy to believe that they offer your feet similar advantages. You may also think that flip-flops are better because of their flat soles and open structure. However, if that's your thinking, it may surprise you to learn that sandals are generally better for your feet. Here's why:

  • Support

When it comes to all-around foot support, sandals do it better than flip-flops. Unlike most flip-flops, sandals often have ankle straps, arch support, and soft insole cushioning. With these features, you'll feel comfortable taking long walks compared to regular flip-flops.

  • Material

Generally, sandals are made from more quality materials than flip-flops. While you'll often find leather or suede sandals, the materials used for flip-flops are often lightweight. This, as we mentioned above, can significantly impact the fit and comfort

  • Protection

Since they're covered, sandals better protect feet from the elements than flip-flops. Their strap and arch support also help reduce the risk of health concerns such as plantar fasciitis.

Do Sandals Loosen Up?

Yes. Sandals generally loosen up over time due to numerous factors, especially wear and tear. However, if you’ve recently purchased a tight pair of sandals and can't wait for them to expand naturally, don't fret. There are numerous tips for loosening new footwear you can explore to achieve your goal in a short time. 

For example, you can use a shoe stretcher or apply heat to expand them. Some tips for breaking in new ankle boots painlessly may also be useful for loosening your sandals.

Kiss Goodbye to Ill-Fitted Sandals Today!

While having wide feet comes with its unique challenges, it's a complete breeze when you know how to walk around it. So, congratulations! With the tips above, you can now rock your perfectly fitted sandals with confidence regardless of how wide your feet are. 

At Black Tulip, we're committed to ensuring that your footwear needs are always met regardless of your unique features. So, from informative materials to top-quality shoes and sandals, we provide every resource you need to keep your feet comfy. 

Visit our website today to learn about footwear or shop for your favorite ones. Regardless of your needs, we're always here for you.