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There's no doubt that ankle boots are the ultimate choice of women's footwear for winter. When it comes to dressing for the cold weather, warmth and comfort are usually the primary focus, and ankle boots provide just that. They also bring their “A” game to the versatility table, so you can rock them with practically any outfit of your choosing.

At this point, it's clear that ankle boots are the easy fix-it approach to basic winter dress-up. However, if you want to turn heads with your outfit, you must learn to be intentional about the type of women's ankle boots you put on. It's simple — a boring ankle boot will yield boring results. Garbage in, garbage out, remember?

The bottom line is that your choice of ankle boots can make or mar your overall appearance in an instant. Fortunately, with the latest winter ankle boot trends for women, you don't have to sacrifice style on the altar of comfort. From chic styles to captivating colors and everything in between, they're here to take your style from zero to a hundred, and we're here for it!

Let's dive into what ankle boots are in fashion 2024 already.

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  • While women's ankle boots are one of the most practical choices for winter, you can still enjoy the best of practicality and style by choosing trendy styles 
  • Etesian ankle boots are game-changers, blending comfort, style, durability, versatility, and chicness in one classic footwear 
  • Other trendy winter ankle boots for ladies include Chelsea boots, lace-up boots, sky highs, stiletto-heeled boots, square-toed ankle boots, wedges, sock boots, tipped boots, and buckled-in boots

What Winter Boots Are in Fashion for Women?

  • Etesian Ankle Boots

If the timelessness of Etesian ankle boots doesn't tickle your fancy, their elegance and sophistication will produce butterflies in your tummy. When it comes to footwear, these boots are the jacks of all trades. Whether you wish to rock them to casual outings or need to wear a pair of boots with a formal dress, Etesian ankle boots for ladies will answer whenever you call. 

We’re glad that they finally made the grand entrance they deserve in this year's list of top 10 women ankle boot trends for winter. 

  • Chelsea Boots

Next to Estesian ankle boots this year are Chelsea boots, and we guess you already expected this. What list is complete without the delectable rustic charm that this footwear brings? Chelsea boots are simple yet chic, timeless but fashionable, tough but refined, and are as versatile as they come. There's no hating on this impeccable masterpiece.

  • Square-Toed Ankle Boots

What better way to add character to your winter outfit than with a pair of square-toed ankle boots for women? Square-toed ankle boots can help to complete your winter look by giving it personality and modern flair.  If you want to add visual interest to your look by playing with shapes, you've got your go-to in square-toed booties.

  • Buckled-In Boots

Buckled-in boots will never run out of fashion. So, don't get rid of the pair sitting pretty in your wardrobe just yet. A fashion staple, buckled-in boots are a fashionable and versatile option for the cold months. They remain a perfect way to give your outfit some attitude in the most alluring ways ever, with excellent attention to detail. 

  • Sky High

If you have no intention to command the spotlight and draw all eyes, you have no business wearing sky-high boots. But if creating a buzz is everything you've signed up for in the coming winter, the towering height of sky highs will never disappoint you. Protective and dramatic, the commanding presence of sky-high boots will shoot your confidence many notches up in no time. They're the ultimate self-esteem boosters for the days you feel meh. 

  • Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots have our hearts for the secure fit and stability they provide. You'd particularly find the extra support they give useful if you work a lot during winter. With laces to adjust the tightness to your preference, lace-up booties offer enhanced customization, especially when compared to slip-on. This is another pair of shoes we're thankful made it to 2024.

  • Wedge Boots

If wedge boots were a superstar, they'd be Beyoncé — sensational, confident, and spectacular. Just like the talented singer, they know how to steal the show without doing too much. Wedges give you enough height to add that extra oomph to your style without forcing you to up your comfort. They're also one of the most versatile options on our list, ensuring that you attain the same level of sophistication for both casual and formal events.

  • Sock Boots

Do you feel uncomfortable wearing socks but love the illusion of one regardless? Not to worry, we've got the perfect cheat code for you — sock booties. Sock booties are in vogue this winter, helping you to keep warm while also enhancing your silhouette with a streamlined look. Stylish, practical, modern, and versatile, these boots were made to remind you that you can have it all.

  • Stiletto Ankle Boots

For a power move in the coming winter, go for none other than a pair of stiletto ankle boots. Stiletto heel ankle boots make for a feminine yet powerful assemble that's sure to make you stand out from the ground. What's even better than a stiletto ankle boot is a stiletto ankle boot in animal skin prints. This extra touch of sophistication and stylishness is sure to leave a lasting impression anywhere you go.

  • Tipped Boots

Do you love to take long walks in winter? If yes, you should give your feet the worthy companion that is tipped boots. Tipped boots are designed with a slight curvature at the tips to improve your comfort while walking. Since they align with the foot's natural rolling as you walk, they reduce the strain on your feet when on the ground for long periods. Besides their functionality, tipped boots are also stylish. So, it's a win-win situation when you rock these amazing booties.

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Best Ankle Boots to Wear With Dresses

Not to burst your bubble, but if you were looking for an ankle bootie to fit all kinds of dresses, you'd be disappointed. Don't get us wrong — winter ankle booties are versatile, and you can find a way to wear them with every outfit. However, if your goal is to spark intrigue as is ours, then you realize that not everything goes.

The key to finding the best ankle booties for your winter dresses is to focus on creating harmony between the length of your outfit and your boot style. While we encourage you to be creative, these ground rules will help to ensure that your booties match your outfit’s overall vibe:

  • Wear low-heeled ankle boots to keep the focus on your dress and high-heeled booties to draw attention to your shoes
  • The longer the dress, the shorter the ankle boot 
  • Never forget to experiment with textures and colors for depth and visual appeal

How to ChooseWomen's Winter Boots

These are the essential factors to consider when choosing women's ankle boots for winter:

  • Sustainability

Eco-friendly ankle boots are all the rage right now — and for the right reasons. Besides helping the environment, boots made with sustainable materials are known to be of impeccable quality. So, if you want your trendy winter boots to remain as good as new for years to come, stick with a reliable eco-friendly brand like Black Tulip.

  • Color

Colors are one of the easiest ways to spice up any look.  Fortunately, the trendy ankle boot colors for winter were chosen to make your outfit pop. Greens, yellows, and reds are in vogue to add vibrancy to your look. On the other hand, classic blacks, whites, tan, etc., will play it safe and provide harmony to your appearance since these shoe colors typically go with all dresses. It all depends on what you hope to achieve.

  • Waterproof Materials

The key to choosing the best trendy winter ankle boots is to strike the perfect balance between practicality and style. You'd want your feed to remain dry and good enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions that the cold months throw at you. So, prioritize choosing waterproof materials like quality leather when picking winter ankle boots for women.

  • Fit

Your winter ankle boots should not be too loose or too tight. Instead, they should fit just right to keep you confident and comfy all day long. Boots that give you some room to wiggle your toes help to improve circulation, but if it's too loose, it can affect your steps. So, ensure that you choose boots that fit perfectly by ensuring that you can run no more and no less than a finger around the edges when you wear them.

  • Shaft Height

Many people don't think about shaft height when choosing winter ankle boots, and that's a huge mistake. Yes, it's called ankle boots, but nothing says they must hit right on your ankles. For winter, it's best to go with boots that are a little above the ankle for better insulation for the feet.

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We've Got You Covered!

Have you ever wondered why your favorite celebrities can't seem to get enough ankle boots during winter? The reason is simple — ankle boots offer you everything you want in your ideal winter footwear.  From practicality to style, convenience — you name it — winter ankle boots have got it all. 

Fortunately, you don't have to be popular to pull off the fashionista vibes you love to see during the cold months. With so many 2023 winter ankle boots trends, you have lots of options to play around with.

If you've been wondering what types of boots are in fashion this winter, this article has provided all the information you need. All you have to do now is shop your favorites from the Black Tulip collections and let your footwear do the talking. Why settle for basic when you can refine winter fashion with every step?