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Searches for Mother’s Day Gifts peak between 12th and 18th March1, but which gift is the most popular to give on this special day, and are flowers and chocolates really the best?
Here at Black Tulip we are passionate about the environment and slowing down consumer purchasing habits, so we have investigated the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day and why the failsafe gift of flowers may not be your best option this year.


  • Flowers and chocolates are the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day, but they may not be the most eco-friendly choice 
  • Shoppers across the UK are expected to spend around £1.7 billion on Mother’s Day gifts this year
  • A fifth of customers are looking at purchasing fashion gifts for Mother’s Day
  • Conscious fashion like shoes from Black Tulip could be an ideal slow fashion gifting choice for Mother’s Day

Across the UK, shoppers are expected to spend £1.7 billion on Mother’s Day gifts this year2, and with almost half (41%) of consumers hoping to spend £20 or less this year2, flowers and chocolates are set to be a popular choice. Though almost a fifth are intending to purchase clothing or jewellery this year2, opting for a gift that can stand the test of time.

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The 10 Most Popular Mother’s Day Gifts:

Using Google search data, we determined the 10 most popular presents to gift on Mother’s Day, and it’s no surprise that flowers came out on top.
The most popular Mother’s Day gifts are:
  • Flowers
  • Afternoon tea
  • Women's Trainers
  • Trainers
  • Women's Clothing
  • Spa Trip
  • Perfume
  • Candles
  • Women's Boots
  • Women's Jewellery
  • Chocolate

Why Flowers Might Not Be Number One

While they may be the most popular choice, evidence suggests that flowers may not be the best gift to give out on Mother’s Day. With 40 – 60 percent of flowers being wasted during transition from farm to vase3, the cut flower industry can have negative impacts on the environment. From industrial pollutants such as dangerous pesticides to additional resources needed for refrigeration and shipping, as the majority of the flowers sold in the UK are imported from Netherlands (£22.4 Million) and Kenya (£9.77 Million)4.
The carbon emissions associated with the flower industry can be huge, particularly when considering producers in the Northern hemisphere, such as Netherlands must grow their flowers in greenhouses which are typically heated using non-renewable carbon sources, producing large amounts of carbon dioxide5. The carbon footprint of a bouquet of cut flowers is further increased by transportation and storage processes. Evidence suggests that the Netherlands generates a 6-fold greater carbon emission for roses compared with Kenya5, and given that the UK receives more flowers from the Netherlands than anywhere else this is further evidence of the carbon cost of Mother’s Day flowers.

The Benefits Of Slow Fashion This Mother’s Day

With almost a fifth of shoppers looking to purchase fashion items for Mother’s Day2, this could be a more environmentally conscious choice for shoppers looking to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce waste. Though ensuring conscious fashion purchases is essential. Slow fashion is much more sustainable, and by selecting independent slow-fashion retailers over the fast-fashion giants, consumers can reduce the negative impact on the planet and people.




 Sonam Joshan, Founder of Black Tulip says, “On average, flowers can only be enjoyed for 7 - 10 days, but investing a little more in a gift that will last a lifetime can be so much more meaningful. By selecting an investment piece, such as a pair of Black Tulip shoes, you would not only be giving the gift of exquisiteness, but also reducing harmful impact on the environment. Black Tulip uses ethically sourced materials and practices to create timeless pieces that stand the test of time. This Mother’s Day why not gift consciously with a present that can be cherished for years to come.”

Wrap Up

Although many believe flowers are the most desired gift on Mother’s Day, research shows that they aren’t the most sustainable. Treat your mother to a gift she can keep for a lifetime this Sunday by choosing slow fashion and choosing Black Tulip shoes.
Why not surprise the most important woman in your life with a gift she can treasure?

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